Ever since 1984, most of my surgical activities have been devoted to the reconstruction of the external ear.

If I have finally agreed, after all these years, to produce this website for the benefit of the patients who need such surgery – either because they were born with a deformity or because they have suffered an accident – it is because I felt duty-bound to provide them with some general information regarding the possible solutions at their disposal.

I would like to make clear, however, that this information is no substitute for a proper medical consultation. During that consultation, a clinical examination, an assessment of the patient’s motivation and information provided first-hand will enable the surgeon to determine the precise technical indication for the patient and give that patient all the necessary details regarding his or her specific case.

I do hope this website will prove useful for those of you who would like to avail themselves of my experience with this type of surgery but who, because they live far away, wish first to gain a grasp of what this technique entails as well as its potential outcomes.

Whether it is so that I can have a clearer idea of your own personal condition or because you wish to make an appointment with me, I would request you to provide me with a certain number of specific details regarding your case.
Rest assured that all information you entrust to me will be kept strictly confidential.

Thank you for your trust,
Dr Françoise Firmin